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Hand Of The Tribe

Mike Odabashian Drums, Percussion      Henrock Guitar Vocals       Roger Colella Bass Vocals 

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Boston, ma

There are moments in life when time lays it’s hand down and delivers a reckoning of the soul. In this space, the “forces that be “ script the stories that beckon to be told . This story - our story - began at the cross roads and forever marks the moment where three kindred spirits found themselves joined together with a renewed sense of purpose and music, each other and the universe.

Heeding to cast off the hour of the past seasoned musicians and songwriters 
Dave “Henrock” Henriquez (Vocals, Guitar) formerly of the band Hourcast 
Roger Colella (Bass, Back up vocals) 
Mike Odabashian (Drums) 
Have formed a musical entity that brings straight up Hard Rock and Metal to the masses. That entity has made manifest “Hand Of The Tribe”

The three musicians have garnered invaluable merits touring with bands such as Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Volbeat, Black Label Society, Sevendust
to name a few. The culmination of their individual and collective experiences afford them the credibility and talent to deliver masterful songs and content that is extremely competitive.

Like a puzzle in possession of all its pieces, Hand Of The Tribe has found both roots and wings. Everything they create - musically and visually - is ripe with consciousness and imagination well remaining deeply grounded in truth. Catchy riffs filled with raw emotion and powerful storytelling has been continually met with praise by the masses.

Onward and upward with the journey...

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1st Live show!! 

Hello everyone! 

 We are so excited to finally play our 1st live show at The Parlour in Providence R.I. with Green Sabbath! This has been a long time coming and cannot wait to play live most of our songs for you all! We will be selling a Cd / T-shirt bundle and playing our asses off for you :) We will also be releasing the new lyric video for our re-mastered song " Everything Is Love '' on our YouTube Channel check it out and subscribe! The show will also be Live Streamed so please go to our Instagram or Facebook for the link / tickets. 

 We've also been working on finishing up the 3 new music videos for our upcoming singles ''Another Way'', ''When I'm Gone'' and ''Tear Me Apart'' :) 

 Please visit our website and check out our Store for all the new merchandise we designed... 

 Thanks guys and hope to see you at The Parlour in Providence R.I. for our 1st show ever it'll be a blast can't wait! Stay safe out there Cheers!! 

Hand Of The Tribe

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Hey guys! Welcome to our new website! We hope everyone and their loved ones have been safe and sound during these unprecedented times. We wish everyone nothing but health and happiness :).

Here's what's new:  We just launched a new website, have some cool merchandise (check it out on our page), and a music video (we just shot it over the weekend for our new single "Tear Me Apart''). We're SO psyched for everyone to hear and see what we've created.  We absolutely love this new track and hope you guys do too!

Please join our mailing list, don't forget to like and share our Instagram and FaceBook pages. Let's spread the word to the masses about Hand Of The Tribe for the world to hear and  see!! :) 

GET READY for new music, content and hopefully live shows / tours when it all resumes... 

 Thanks again guys Stay Safe and we hope to see you out there! Much Love and Respect! Cheers!  

Hand Of The Tribe   

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